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This year, Václav Havel Airport Prague will become one of the first European airports to launch augmented reality navigation. The navigation is powered by AI and will be available on Google Maps.




In the spring of 2024, travel to Václav Havel Airport Prague has become more comfortable thanks to trolleybuses that now run on the route of the original line 119, which was replaced by trolleybus line 59.

Trolleybus Connection

New CT X-rays  

2024 - 2026

Thanks to the gradual implementation of new X-rays at the Terminal 2 central security screening point, the security control process will be simplified. Passengers will be able to leave all electronics and liquids in their baggage. It will be possible to relax the rule on the transport of liquids with a volume limitation of up to 100 ml.

New CT X-rays Installation

Airport City Concept  


The Airport City concept has the potential to benefit its immediate surroundings, which it uses to the fullest. In addition to traditional air connections, industrial, and logistic services, it focuses on the development of the offer of hotel capacities and the construction of medical, educational, and sports facilities.

Airport City Concept Development


2029 - 2033  
The future expansion of the airport’s terminal building capacity is planned primarily by way of the completion of construction of Terminals 1 and 2, which will bring innovations to the handling process alongside new operational solutions. In particular, the infrastructure for handling passengers and long-haul flights will be significantly improved and new commercial areas will be built to increase the level of service and comfort for passengers.

Long-term Outlook

Prospective development phases will increase the capacity of the terminal complex in line with operational demand. Subsequent construction of a new pier is planned for additional long- and medium-haul aircraft contact stands, expansion of areas for passengers on arrivals and departures including a corresponding increase in all terminal operational and handling capacities.



2027 - 2029  
Future plans include an expansion of the current parking capacity. Multiple new parking buildings and areas are to be built to meet future mobility trends, including the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles. One of the new parking buildings designed to increase the convenience of parking at the airport will include a terminal for public and coach transport. The buildings will largely replace existing parking capacity and we expect to use advanced IT technologies to monitor occupancy and ensure security.

Parking - vizualizace


Airport development visualization - 1 Airport development visualization - 2 Airport development visualization - 3 Airport development visualization - 4


The Skywalk is planned along the axis of Aviatická Street, together with modifications to the public space between Terminal 2 and the parking buildings and their immediate surroundings. Its main purpose is to provide passengers and airport visitors with an unhindered and collision-free connection to the buildings in the public area in front of the terminals. It is expected that connections will be made primarily to the new and existing parking building.

The Parallel Runway

Parallel Runway

The Parallel Runway system consisting of two parallel runways will increase safety, contribute to the improvement of the environment, and be operationally significantly more efficient than the current system. Another major advantage of the Parallel Runway project is the airport closure for traffic between midnight and 5:30 a.m. The use of the currently active runway 12/30, which passes over densely populated areas of Prague and the Kladno area, will be discontinued upon the launch of operations of the parallel runway. The area of the current secondary runway will free up a large space with exceptional investment opportunities. The parallel runway construction schedule was significantly impacted by the pandemic; however, intense preparations are currently underway. 



Several innovations are planned to improve the transport of passengers to and from Václav Havel Airport Prague, starting with connecting the airport to the railway network (Prague-Kladno). The aim of the railway connection is to directly link the airport and the city centre, with the journey to the airport estimated at 25 minutes. The main railway station building is to have an island platform layout with two side tracks from which passengers will reach the terminals via underground connections. The bus line 119 has been replaced by trolleybus line 59.


As part of a small urban transport study, Prague Airport is planning to modify the area in front of the terminals to provide easy access for personal vehicles, while preserving as much space as possible for pedestrians. This will be achieved by building a structure above the roads in front of the terminals. Other plans include the introduction of a modern traffic navigation system and the expansion of parking facilities.

Current Situation

Václav Havel Airport Prague works closely with state authorities to improve the accessibility of the airport and its connection to the city centre. The best possible approach in terms of capacity, speed, and environmental impact is being discussed.

The visualizations only suggest Prague Airport possible future appearance.