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The success of a company no longer means just economic profit, but also includes the path that leads to it. Therefore, it is our duty to have a positive impact on the market and place great emphasis on ensuring that our business is in line with the principles of sustainable development.

The present and the future states of this international airport are determined by our agile approach, projects, tasks, and plans. But we don’t live in isolation. Our activities also affect various interest groups and other areas. We have a corporate responsibility, the active compliance with which is the cornerstone of our success.



Carbon Neutral Airport

We are committed to increasing the use of green electricity to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Another goal is to achieve net carbon neutrality in 2050.

Noise Abatement Measures

We are working on the construction of a parallel runway which would lead to the airport closure for night traffic. Through lower charges, we also motivate carriers to deploy quieter aircraft. We help residents in nearby municipalities with the installation of noise abatement measures through our Ventilation Grant Programme.

Species-rich Airport - beekeeper

Species-rich Airport

We strive to create a Green Ring around the airport to ensure our operation is even more in harmony with the lives of people and animals. We regularly invest in projects to protect biodiversity and support water retention in the landscape.

Waste Management

Our goal is to eliminate waste in landfills. That is why we are introducing elements of the circular economy and blue-green infrastructure – for example, green roofs and careful water management.

Green Airport Partnership

We aim to involve all tenants and carriers in the projects of the Green PRG initiative. It focuses on reducing emissions, improving conditions in the airport surrounding areas, and supporting the development of new technologies.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility - umbrella

Responsible Employer

We support equal treatment, modern benefits, and internal activities to continually improve and promote the healthy lifestyle of our employees. By expanding preventive programmes and offering ELA consultations, we try to improve their quality of life.

Partners and Communities

We work with children’s homes and charitable organisations. We organise charity events, support internal projects, share powerful stories, and endorse collections. We like to match the proceeds using our company’s funds.

Social responsibility - truck

Acting Neighbourly

We build on open communication and good relations with the surrounding areas. Alongside grant programmes supporting the environment, communities, and education, we also offer municipalities help with the maintenance and cleaning of the public space around us.

Governance, ethics, and transparent business conduct

Governance, ethics, and transparent business conduct

Our Business Ethical Principles

Our Code of Ethics is the main tool for strategic management and shaping our ethical culture. Following it, we are implementing modern forms of targeted training for employees in risky positions using e-learning and workshops. We continuously increase our employees’ awareness of business ethics.

Responsibility of Partners

We also require our partners to observe ethical principles and binding rules and conduct business in a responsible manner. We want to have a positive impact on the market and inspire sustainable and ethical business internally and externally. We believe that these principles can also be transferred to relevant business relationships.