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New Airport Premium Valet Parking Service

Faster and easier parking, these are the main benefits of the new PC PREMIUM VALET service provided at Václav Havel Airport Prague to spare passengers the whole parking process. Tereza Gibim Gallardo, Prague Airport Passenger Services Director, has added that thanks to this premium service, passengers arriving at the airport in their own vehicle do not have to go through the entire parking process, namely the need of finding an empty parking place. 

PC Premium Valet

“After ordering the service at, the customer needs to arrive at one of the express parking areas, which are located directly in front of the terminal buildings. Our vetted driver will be waiting for the client at the Meeting Point to take over their vehicle and ensure its safe parking in a nearby parking building. Upon the client’s return, the vehicle is brought to the same place and returned,” Ms. Gallardo added.

The service is an addition to the PC PREMIUM parking service, which currently offers 50 XXL parking places on a dedicated floor. This year, due to high demand, the number of these extra-wide parking places will be doubled.
Valet service is not widely offered in the Czech Republic. People are aware of it thanks to American films. In our country, we can use it, for example, in hotels and luxury restaurants. Prague Airport expects the service to appeal to a new segment of customers who do not like to park by themselves, do not want to waste their time with this process, and prefer the shortest possible walking distance to the terminals.

Premium Valet

Premium Valet 2